Who We Are

nVentif is an independent, virtual agency specializing in public relations, technology marketing, and content marketing. We work with companies in the high technology, clean technology, and biotechnology fields.

We convert complex technology concepts into relevant and compelling messages and content to increase your visibility in the marketplace, and accelerate growth.  We offer:

Senior Level PR Counsel

Sector Knowledge

Straight Talking Advice

Flexibility & Efficiency

nVentif PR, technology and marketing

Our Approach

We design and implement  communication campaigns that help your  marketing budget go further. Our tested methodology ensures that your value proposition and differentiation is communicated to the right people, through the right channels. We base our approach on the following 3 concepts:

Insights + Content = Results

•    Insights First, we listen to gain insight into the conversations and trends in your specialized market.  We use these insights to inspire the messages and story lines for each campaign. •    Content It’s the message that counts.  We work with you to define or refine your strategic messaging and create compelling content to communicate your value proposition and differentiation. •    Results Our goal is to influence perceptions and opinions to help drive the results you have planned for your business. We monitor, measure, and report results to keep your campaign on track.


Ann Whyte founded nVentif to offer senior level public relations counsel to high tech, clean tech, and biotech companies. Ann Whyte, public relations counsel to high tech Ann combines her experience working in emerging start-ups, semiconductor manufacturers, “blue chip” companies, local and regional government, and mainstream consumer brands to help clients convert their value proposition into compelling content, and engage in the conversations that impact their bottom line. Ann is adept at working with and managing clients and teams, large or small,  across different time zones. She has helped position companies and trade associations, launch new products, design and implement crisis communications, and drive results with targeted content.

    Our goal is to inspire business conversations.  Contact us today.